Discussion Points

If you are looking at Green as part of a class about environmental issues, or about media and film then you may find the following questions helpful to get discussion going.

Film and Media Studies

Explore the ‘around-text’ of a recent wild life film you find interesting.
– What expectations are set up for viewers by ‘around-text’ activities such as choice of poster; of review quotes; of trailer material ?
– How do these try to ‘frame’ the film in question?
– What does it seem to ignore in this process of framing?

Why do you think it is so difficult to acknowledge the ‘constructedness’ of a ‘truth-telling’ film such as Green?

Environmental Studies

Consumer pressure is often advocated as one of the most powerful ways in which ordinary people can change the world because through it they can directly change the commodity chains that Green portrayed. What are the strengths and weaknesses of that view?

How does the concept of wilderness help or hinder the environmental and conservation movement?

Both Environmental and Media Studies

What is the relationship between the natural history film industry and the environmental movement? What might it be?