Further Reading

You may find these studies and authors helpful:

This newspaper article from the Observer (a British Newspaper) (27 Nov 2011) is both interesting and has an interesting set of comments on it.

This article provides a critique of the sustainable roundtable on soy production which may well provide some interesting comparisons and insights into the sustainable roundtable on palm oil.

Film and Media Studies

Bordwell, David and Thompson, Kristin (2010) Film Art, 9th edn, Mc-Graw-Hill, sections on documentary;

Branston, Gill with Stafford, Roy (2010) The Media Student’s Book 5th edition, Routledge, esp. Chapter 13, on ‘Documentary and ‘reality’ debates; and Chapter 1 ‘Approaching media texts’ for more on Barthes and ideas of media ‘texts’.

Coward, Ros (1984) ‘The Sex-life of Stick Insects’ in Female Desire, Paladin, 209-223.

A DVD which might extend study of this subject:

Dineen, Molly (2011) The Molly Dineen Collection: Vol 2—The Ark; British Film Institute; ‘this long searching look at London Zoo as it lurches through a year of financial (and philosophical)  crisis in 1991 is her masterwork on the subject’ (Sight and Sound review, November 2011 p.83)

Environmental Studies

Ancrenaz M, Gimenez O, Ambu L, Ancrenaz K, Andau P, et al. (2005) Aerial Surveys Give New Estimates for Orangutans in Sabah, Malaysia. PLoS Biol 3(1): e3. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0030003

Gaveau, David L.A., Hagnyo Wandonoand Firman Setiabudi (2007) Three decades of deforestation in southwest Sumatra: Have protected areas halted forest loss and logging, and promoted re-growth?’ Biological Conservation 134 (4): 495-504

Peluso, N. L. (1993) ‘Coercing Conservation?: The Politics of State Resource Control.’ Global Environmental Change 3:2 (June):199-218.

Peluso, N. L. (1992) Rich Forests, Poor People. Resource Control and Resistance in Java. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Both Environmental and Film and Media Studies

Bouse, D. (2000). Wildlife Films. Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Pres

Brockington, D. (2009) Celebrity and the Environment. Fame, Wealth and Power in Conservation. London: Zed. (Last Chapter)

Mitman, G. (1999) Reel Nature. America’s Romance with Wildlife on Film. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Palmer, C. (2010) Shooting in the Wild: An Insider’s Account of Making Movies in the Animal Kingdom. Sierra Club Books, San Fancisco.

Warren, P. (2011) Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future. Wildeye, Bristol.

For Budding Filmmakers 

Visit the Wildeye International School of Filmmaking

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